For a long time, I thought it was fascinating how many women asked me to talk about this topic. But I now realize that it's because being emotionally unavailable is increasingly common among both men and women these days! 

You meet a great man and have an amazing first chat together...
You feel a lot of chemistry, things seem to be going great, nearly effortlessly...

You enjoy his charisma and get excited about where it could lead... 
But with all the hopes of this new connection, you unintentionally, yet still overlook some very subtle (and very important) signs about who he can and cannot be for you, - only to find yourself fairly soon after either in a relationship where you're not met by your partner and coping the best you can or abandoned, having to pick up the pieces of your broken heart (and self-esteem)!

Whether you'd like to avoid this from happening with you or if something similar already has, then consider taking the '12 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Man' to heart because this can help you in having more clarity, alignment and availability for partners who can treat you well!


Krisztina Farkas

MSc., Relationship Specialist,

She has 17 years of experience in the area of human potential enhancement and relationship dynamics.

Krisztina Farkas specializes in supporting women so that they can be cherished, secure women who are loved, respected and desired by the high quality man they want. She is a great advisor to men as well through her work with both sexes in the past.

She leads Get Cherished, Stay Cherished, the three day Relationship Summit for the Modern Woman. She's been interviewed for several global online events sharing the stage with leaders like Dr. Sue Morter (Quantum Field Advisor to NASA), Emily Rosen (Founder of the Psychology of Eating Institute) and Love Expert, Arielle Ford.

In her 1-on-1 sessions and group programs she's supported 7 figure business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, stay at home moms, corporate executives and many more women, to have a healthy, thriving relationship with the high quality partner they desire.

Hear from some of our clients:

  • Before meeting Krisztina, I worked on my relationship patterns on my own. It hasn't been easy, sometimes you just need an expert's point of view. After attending her workshops, I've shifted my whole perception and learned essential skills to maintain a thriving relationship that respects and fulfills BOTH partners. Krisztina is incredibly wise. And with her knowledge and experience, she can support you to dramatically change your intimate relationship, to a whole new level. Krisztina, I cannot thank you enough for how much you've taught me and I feel more confident in who I am!

    Cindy M., Community Building Expert

  • I’ve dealt with a lot of professional female athletes and I recognize devotion, inner-strength and courage when I see it. Krisztina undoubtedly has it, She’s also a brilliant presenter and a very valuable advisor. She has made a substantial difference in both my personal and my professional life. 

    Kiraly S.Managing Director, FTC Handball Sports Club, European Handball Federation’s Cup Champions

  • Some of the reasons I love working with her are her paramount intelligence, ability to see through the noise and then provide the insights I need. I have high standards and I find the best. Krisztina is one of my few go to people whenever I want external advice. I recommend being around her when possible, she's a powerful ally to have.

    Courtney, K.Investor

'12 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Man'  
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